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Are You Ready for What’s Around the Next Corner?

Are You Ready for What’s Around the Next Corner?

Which One of Your Critical Functions

Keeps You Up at Night?


Protecting Your People, Systems, and Facilities?

There is nothing more important than your people. Make sure your systems and facilities are ready to support them.

Ensuring a Continuous Supply of Materials and Services?

Without a strong supply chain of materials and essential service providers, you can’t deliver on your commitments.

Defending Your Information Technology?

Every aspect of your business depends on information technology. You must defend against cyber attacks, have a strong technical team, and have disaster recovery plans in place.

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property?

Your products and processes are valuable assets. Protect them from both external and insider threats.

Complying with Laws, Codes, and Standards?

Ensure that you meet all federal, state, and local requirements, as well as industry-specific standards.

Shipping Your Products - Delivering Your Service?

No matter what situations come your way, you have to get your products out the door and/or deliver service to your customers.

The Problem

Every day you face endless threats to your critical functions while trying to steer your company. Dealing with these threats distracts you from your core responsibilities. Meanwhile, new and more complex scenarios are constantly emerging.


How do you answer questions from investors, board members, insurers, regulators, and employees about your plan to manage these hazards? You should not have to lead distracted and worried about what could happen next.

You need a Co-Driver who will help you achieve your mission.

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Solutions and Deliverables:

Assessment of risks to your critical business functions

Planning support to mitigate hazards facing your business

Decision support as you evaluate options and execute changes

Develop and implement business continuity plans and strategies

Untangle and document the endless list of applicable codes, laws and standards

Define and initiate your enterprise risk management program

About Ryan Miller

As the previous Director of Emergency Management for Howard County, Maryland, I have seen first-hand the crippling impact unexpected hazards can have on businesses. I then supported these devastated business owners through their recovery.

I have responded to train crashes, water system crises, major electric grid outages, large network failures, public health emergencies, hurricanes, blizzards, derechos, earthquakes, tornados, civil unrest, and back-to-back disastrous floods in Ellicott City, Maryland.

I know what it is like to face uncertainty and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. 

Through these experiences, I have learned that business leaders can take simple steps to protect their critical functions and avoid or minimize the effects of disruption or disaster.

Through these experiences, I have developed a passion and process for guiding the leaders of midsize companies toward operational resiliency before disruption or disaster strikes.

You know how to run your company—you just need help navigating the hazards.

Move Forward Confidently

Once you have strengthened your critical functions, you will begin to regain the focus you lost worrying about the unknown. You will no longer drive trying not to crash—you will be driving to win. You will gain a competitive edge and be poised to respond confidently to questions from stakeholders about how you plan to handle various scenarios.

Let’s Connect and Get Started

Schedule: Time to Talk

First, click below to set up a complimentary appointment.  We can discuss your critical functions or a particular challenge.

Assess: Critical Functions

We will conduct an assessment of the critical functions that are essential to achieving your mission. We use a defined methodology which includes interviews, document review, and audit against standards and best practices.

Develop: Action Plan

We will develop an action plan to protect your critical functions and integrate recommendations. Implementation support is provided on a monthly/fractional basis.

Professional Credentials

Business Continuity Planning and Auditing (CBCP / CBCLA) Certification

Associate in Risk Management – Enterprise (ARM-E) Certification

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Level Certification

ITIL Foundations Level Certification

Adjunct Faculty The George Washington University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science


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